A Protocol for Sacred Field Preparation

The following protocol for “Sacred Field Preparation” has been developed through extensive work with individuals, groups, and the “collective souls” of businesses and even entire countries. The purpose of this protocol is to “prepare the field” – the context of any given situation – for expressions of total AWAKENESS.


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Clarifying the Nature of Transcendence

For years, I have sensed that there are distinctive qualities to the apparent levels of transcendence (and also immanence) that, if clarified, would greatly accelerate the spiritual development of individuals and collectives.

What follows is the fruit of a multi-year inquiry. The initial words arrived while driving from Santa Fe, New Mexico to Boulder, Colorado in August 2016. The full text was subsequently sourced and refined over a period of three weeks while exploring the high mountains and valleys of Colorado.

Reaching as they do into the Ultimate NATURE of ALIVENESS, these words are themselves a livingness, and are evolving.


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Money: Awakening the River

In the last few days, circumstances have foregrounded, rather dramatically, a wide variety of ways in which projects and organizations are struggling with money. The pattern has included organizations and projects that have money just as much as those that don’t. Inquiring meditatively into the root of the matter, the fundamental issue revealed itself to be at the level of depth within Consciousness-Awareness that we at Sourcing The Way have been referring to as “Manifester of Life Force.”

The Manifester of Life Force is much deeper than individual humans and human collectives. So it’s hardly surprising to me that we have – all of us, at every scale, all the way up to Humanity as a whole – been collectively unable to address our dysfunctions in relation to money. If, in fact, the issue is deeper than our concepts and behaviors around money, then it’s to be expected that however much we try to be smart, mindful, and just with money, we still find ourselves running on a proverbial hamster wheel as a society. This aimless and ineffectual cycling is a typical symptom of attempting to respond to a challenge using conventional thinking, at the wrong level.


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Open to Your Truth and Fullness

On 10 July 2016, I meditated on the words that could perfectly represent what calls to me most deeply – my essential purpose and work in the world. About three minutes in, the below started to arrive and I was compelled to get up and start writing. It is true that supporting people in realizing and accepting their own divinity brings me unsurpassed joy. And in the context of Sourcing The Way, our work goes beyond the client’s Self-realization to include living and working beyond ego, as a radiantly whole person or organization. May these words be of service.

To Each One of My Dear Clients and Beloveds:

Time is short. Nonexistent, actually. So let us be brief: You are a unique Avatar, Buddha, Christ. You are a creator god on Earth; and even such expansive language understates Your majesty.

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The Business of Beyond: Setting the Stage


Lately, I have been given the opportunity to ponder what set me on to the path that I am on, and what it was that got me started. Curiously, what I notice is that one was a life event and the other was a life decision, or life choice if you will.

The life event I’m referring to is my grandmother’s passing in 2003. I wasn’t aware at the time that something had kicked off. Mostly there were life situations and things happening that propelled me forward, not much of what I would today refer to as “conscious decision making”. I didn’t see any connections between events, and the thought that it would be possible to them to string together, taking me in a certain direction, never crossed my mind. The events were easy to respond to in that they showed up with enough space in between them to help me see and understand that there was a next step there for me, i.e. it was time for a change.

The life decision that got me on to the path that I am on, happened in 2005. Or should I say – that consciously got me on to the path I am on… I had recently moved back to the UK. I was still in the same job as I had been in Sweden, the only difference being I now worked remotely. I continued to live life the way I had in Sweden, just in a different country. I had felt nudged to move back to the UK for no particular reason other than that I missed it. Or so I thought…

Looking back, once I had moved into my new place in St Albans, Hertfordshire, I was presented with one situation after the other, each speaking to their value as pieces in a puzzle.

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When I knew my gut could be trusted…and 3 things I learned along the way!



Have you ever felt the answer to a question or a circumstance in your gut, while the world around you is saying something different…?

I have.

The story I am about to share with you has helped broaden my understanding for how my gut(-feel) is a refined instrument and a trustworthy – and worthy – source.

The unseen tapestry…

My experience is telling me that there are many layers of information available in each situation (a tapestry of sorts). And to the extent that I am able to avoid having a preferred outcome in mind, I will open up to an equal extent to these added layers of information, leading to a deeper and richer experience. Or, expressed in another way – leading to a path of least resistance.

There is an enormous web of interconnected layers of information surrounding us all the time. There are the most immediate ones that are linked to our personal experience, then there are the ones that are linked to the people around us and the way we are connected. The richness of this web is extensive. Based on my own experience, trying to force a preferred outcome to happen is just as fruitful as trying to squeeze water from a stone. Not that preferred outcomes never happen – they can and they do. However, if they do, they usually come with a lot of effort and they cause a lot of bumps along the way.

I have been cultivating my intuition and gut-felt sense (e.g. deep listening, listening for aliveness) since 2005. During this time I have come to integrate this practice into all areas of my life. I use it in my decision-making process, to find clarity and to understand which direction is resonant, and to identify next steps. It has been, and continues to be, a deeply profound and rewarding journey and – for me – a way of life.
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Discover the Freedom of Sourcing!


The name Sourcing The Way begs the question of what we mean by ‘sourcing’. For us, Sourcing is both a way of living our most authentic path of liberation and freedom as well as an extremely practical tool that can empower all of our day-to-day decisions.

A Way of Life

Sourcing is a way of life. By using our innate ability to feel into possibilities, we activate potential for reaching beyond what we currently know. Sourcing guides decision-making and illuminates the path of greatest ease and joy. This way of living enables us to make choices that carry the most aliveness and provides a flow that exceeds anything we could have thought into being.

Sourcing can take many forms. For example, it may involve feeling energy move in our bodies or receiving information from the Field in thought form. In all cases, this ability adds a layer to our experiences that stretches beyond the physical realm. Sourcing expands past the five human senses and involves listening deeply beneath words and behaviors.

A Transformational Process

Sourcing is a process of opening our minds and hearts to receive helpful information from the deepest possible place within ourselves, which is the source of our being. As we open in this manner, we discover that there is a wealth of practical guidance available to us that doesn’t seem to come from our own thinking.

At first, this may take the form of subtle nudges to go in one direction or another, in the context of daily life. With practice, the information becomes much richer, encompassing words, imagery, sounds, and even epiphanies. These “transmissions” will arrive in whatever forms we are able to receive; and as we become more and more open, we find that we are able to download, instantaneously, bigger and bigger transmissions.

Sourcing is also bidirectional in that we can have a conversation with the source of our being. The result of doing so often enough is to become absorbed in our own source while still experiencing the world around us. This leads to progressively more awakened states of Self-realization. Therefore, a major benefit of Sourcing is spiritual advancement.

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