Money: Awakening the River

In the last few days, circumstances have foregrounded, rather dramatically, a wide variety of ways in which projects and organizations are struggling with money. The pattern has included organizations and projects that have money just as much as those that don’t. Inquiring meditatively into the root of the matter, the fundamental issue revealed itself to be at the level of depth within Consciousness-Awareness that we at Sourcing The Way have been referring to as “Manifester of Life Force.”

The Manifester of Life Force is much deeper than individual humans and human collectives. So it’s hardly surprising to me that we have – all of us, at every scale, all the way up to Humanity as a whole – been collectively unable to address our dysfunctions in relation to money. If, in fact, the issue is deeper than our concepts and behaviors around money, then it’s to be expected that however much we try to be smart, mindful, and just with money, we still find ourselves running on a proverbial hamster wheel as a society. This aimless and ineffectual cycling is a typical symptom of attempting to respond to a challenge using conventional thinking, at the wrong level.


Having realized this, today I started working with the energy and consciousness of money itself. Below is the message that started to form in my awareness as soon as I asked money what it had to say on the level of Manifester of Life Force. The good news is that the transmission is quite unconventional; and so maybe it can start to stir up, and open up, new solutions.

You are not alone in this. Galaxies have failed to understand the nature of exchange, which is not limited to three or even five dimensions. And yet the absurdity is that your money is being exchanged linearly, i.e. in just one dimension! By this I mean that it flows in one direction or another via a sequence of linear arrangements that can be represented by lines and arrows. Although one can create impressive-looking graphs to illustrate, say, the global monetary system, the individual transactions are still predominantly one-dimensional, and so the entire system is fundamentally a 1-d convolution. This is the economy of a dormant group mind.

When instead you source financial arrangements from awake consciousness, the guidance you receive encompasses a higher-order, higher-dimensional understanding and view. On the path of spiritual awakening, energy moves in multiple directions at once. Imagine that when a decision is made to use money in service to high purpose, the currency simultaneously energizes: a bank account, Divine awakening, Earth grounding, yin opening, and yang connection. Ask guidance to what extent your applications of money enhance each of these. The optimal expenditure will never be a tradeoff among dimensions of benefit – it will necessarily enhance the entire set. This is a simple example of an abundant 5-d transaction.

Maria - MoneyBlogVisual-5Dimensions-v2-20160802

Now consider that actual flows of money experienced are like water droplets that have collected into rivulets. These droplets first gained kinetic energy falling from the sky as raindrops. And before that, they were clouds. The clouds are the consciousness of money, the raindrops are the energy of money, and the rivulets are the flows of money that you seek to harness.

How can you gather these flows without understanding rain? Envision in your mind’s eye thick cumulus clouds forming overhead. Invite them. Invoke them. Be curious about them. Use your inner compass to ask how many clouds are gathering in the sky. Invite and invoke more of them. Feel their mists swirling around your subtle body. Infuse your love and total commitment to right action into these aerial reservoirs. Now visualize and feel their rain. There are so many drops precipitating from these clouds! Infinitely many drops, each one gaining so much energy as it falls toward you. How torrential the river now flowing at your feet!


To manifest money-in-service you must start with the source – the Source, of course –, invest in the consciousness and energy of money, and then, once the river is flowing, optimize your financial transactions across a set of dimensions that describe the nature of the service. In this way, you will support all in being released from narrow geometries of self-limitation into successively expanded dimensions of possibility and FREEDOM.

Please know that it is not money that buys freedom, but rather spiritual freedom that brings money when and where it’s needed. And so these desires for money and spiritual freedom were never opposed, just backwards in the prioritization of an unawake collective mind.



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